International 8 Ball Masters - China

Posted by Michelle 04 JANUARY 2013
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Gareth Potts, sponsored by Home Leisure Direct, is currently taking part in the International 8 Ball Masters event currently being held in China.

At the time or writing he is currently playing, and is 11-10 ahead, in a race to 13 to win!

If you would like to watch, click the link below to view the live stream:

Gareth Potts - International 8 Ball Masters

You may have heard about the tournament last year when Stephen Hendry, known as the King of Snooker, decided to leave the world of snooker and join another seven international stars to compete the first Joy Cup Chinese 8-Ball Pool Master Championship to be held here from Jan. 3-6, 2013, the organizers announced Thursday.

Hendry, who retired from his snooker career in May, has decided to continue his new profession as the Global Ambassador of the Chinese 8-ball pool for 10-years.

British Kelly Fisher, five-time champion of women's snookers world, German Ralf Souquet, King of Pool, Irish veteran Ken Doherty, 9 ball stars Chris Melling, Darren Appleton, Gareth Potts and Mike Hill will join legend Hendry as the international squad to play against top top eight Chinese qualifiers from 10-stop series from March to December.

International 8 Ball Masters

The Chinese 8-Ball Pool, which is mixed of the snooker style, nine ball table size and American 8-Ball Pool competition rules, has become China's unique billiards since 1980s.

According to the statistics from the China Billiards Association, there are more than 200,000 registered clubs over China with more than 60 million fans while about 85 percent fans playing Chinese 8 ball pool.
"I'm looking forward to playing with other my long time international friends in the Chinese 8-ball pool master championships. It will be fun to forget about the snooker, 9 ball and pool, just enjoy the Chinese pool," Hendry said.

Chinese 8 Ball Masters

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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