Mosconi Cup 2015

Posted by Jess 08 DECEMBER 2015

Mosconi Cup 2015 

The Mosconi Cup is back! This is one of the biggest American pool events of the year, in its 22nd year, the competition will be running from 7th-10th December in the Tropicana, Las Vegas. The compeition is home to Diamond pool tables. There are some big names returning to the tournament this year, such as Karl Boyes (who we sponsor) and Darren Appleton for Europe and Shane van Boening and Corey Deuel for USA. 


The players will be competing for a prize fund of $150,000 with matches starting yesterday and will be aired on Sky Sports throughout the week at 7pm each day.

We’ll be updating this blog every day during the competition, so keep visiting for the latest news and scores. Get in touch if you’ve been watching, we’d love to hear your views on this tournament! 

Team USA

Mark Wilson (Captain)
Shane van Boening
Corey Deuel
Mike Dechaine
Justin Bergman
Skyler Woodward

Team Europe

Marcus Chamat (Captain)
Neils Feijen
Darren Appleton
Albin Oushcan
Karl Boyes
Nick Van Den Berg

Thursday 10th December

Europe wins Mosconi Cup with an overall score of USA 7 - 11 Europe!

Justin Bergman 4-5 Niels Feijen

Shane van Boening 5-4 Karl Boyes 

Skyler Woodward 4-5 Albin Ouschan


It was a fantastic win for Europe and was certainly well deserves. Some great game play from all of the players, especially 
Albin Ouschan who made his debut during the Mosconi Cup this year. He potted the winning 9 ball against Skyler Woodward!


Wednesday 9th December

Corey Deuel & Justin Bergman 1-5 Niels Feijen & Albin Ouschan

Corey Deuel 5-4 Nick van den Berg

Mike Dechaine & Skyler Woodward 2-5 Albin Ouschan & Karl Boyes

Shane van Boening 4-5 Niels Feijen

Justin Bergman 5-2 Darren Appleton


Karl Boyes and the rest of Team Europe had a lot to celebrate last night, after the matches they are still in the lead with an overall score of USA 6 - 9 Europe. 


Tuesday 8th December

Justin Bergman and Skyler Woodward 5-3 Niels Feijen & Nick van den Berg

Mike Dechaine 3-5 Albin Oushcan

Shane van Boening & Corey Deuel 2-5 Darren Appleton & Karl Boyes

Skyler Woodward 3-5 Karl Boyes

Shane van Boening & Mike Dechaine 5-4 Darren Appleton & Nick van den Berg


After the second night, the overall score is USA 4-6 Europe with some fantastic play from both teams. 


Monday 7th December

Team Match
USA 5-4 Europe


Corey Deuel and Mike Dechaine 4-5 Karl Boyes and Nick van den Berg

Justin Bergman 2-5 Niels Feijen

Shane van Boening and Skyler Woodward 5-1 Darren Appleton and Albin Oushcan

Shane van Boening 1-5 Darren Appleton  

During this popular tournament, the players play on a Diamond Pool Table. We are the exclusive retailers for this product and have even had Karl himself join in with a few games on the Diamond Pro Am in our showroom. 

If you're interested in the Diamond range please feel free to call our expert sales team on 0800 622 6464 or 01454 413636 for any more information. 

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