Hottest Home Design Trends of 2023

Posted by HLD 20 MARCH 2023

How would you feel if I said:

You CAN fit a pool table in your home...

You CAN find a pool table to match your own home-style decor...

You CAN buy a pool dining table!

Multifunctional living spaces are on trend this year. People are starting to become creative with how rooms in their homes can be utilised to maximise space. Whether your occupation has shifted to hybrid working at home or family life has led to switching rooms around, dual purpose living spaces are a win-win.

Our Signature Pool Dining Table range takes beautifully designed pieces of dining furniture and hides professional playing pool tables within them. All you have to do is clear the table, take the dining top off and reveal the hidden treasure below.



Home decor trends in 2023 see a definitive movement towards maximizing glass and reflections, emphasizing a distinctly "clean" look with defined edges and attractive surfaces, as seen in the example above that we found whilst researching design trends.

For this look, try the Signature Hawkes - Black or White - Luxury Pool Dining Table - From £4,297

The clean edges and high gloss finish of our Signature Hawkes pool dining table will encompass a grandeur and luxurious look for your home. Monochrome colour pallets are increasing in popularity to give rooms a minimalist style. High gloss is often used in contemporary furniture as it has the highest reflective appearance, giving the illusion of more space as light bounces off. The Hawkes is truly adaptable, being available to buy in either high-gloss white or high-gloss black finishes.


Nordic Nest of Scandinavia

Scandi Style Furniture: Our Top 10 Picks - Barker & Stonehouse

The beauty of simplicity runs through Scandinavian style to encompass so much more than home decor alone. With the importance of a clutter-free home becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives, many turn to the Scandinavian approach for their interior design. Within the ideas of minimalising items in a room you may think this means losing out on your favourite essentials, but in fact it simply means being clever with the purchases you make. A great example of this design philosophy can be seen in the picture above.

For this look, try the Signature Luxury Sexton - Oak / Walnut - Pool Dining Table - From £4,097 - £4,297 

Our Signature Sexton feautures thin angular legs and natural wood finishes that exemplify this minimalist Scandinavian style. This design enhances the traditional table with dual function to embody a healthy lifestyle, the cosiness of hygge, and the quality of being around the table with loved ones - whether dining or playing pool. The table can be bought in either an oak finish or a darker walnut finish.


Reclaim the 90s

Think bold prints, bold colour and in-your-face presentation. The 90’s home decor trend can bring life to any sized room by drawing the eye to bright colours and geometric shapes. Go blonde with your wood to give the illusion of a lighter and cleaner space, similar to that of a scandi style, but teamed with bold colours or patterns to give that exciting 90s feel.

For this look, go for a bright coloured cloth on any pool table (seen here on our Signature Luxury Chester - Oak / Walnut / Silver Mist - Pool Dining Table - From £3,697- £3,897)

A brilliant way to inject vibrance into any space is by adding a pop of colour to your pool table cloth as seen on the Signature Chester as seen above. Neon lights and textured fabrics also puts the spot-light on key pieces of furniture. Our entire Signature Luxury range of pool dining tables can be decked out with a huge range of vibrant colours, including the brightest pinks, greens and reds.


Natural Elements

Nature will always be timeless in design. Natural materials including wood and stone give a raw and organic feel to any space, as well as being super versatile. Less is more in today’s world. Natural elements can be beautifully minimalistic with earthy colours and textures. Warm browns, blues and greens will bring the appeal of the outdoors inside to create a mindful space.

For this look, try any pool table with a Silver Mist finish (Pictured: the Signature Luxury Anderson - Oak / Walnut /Silver Mist - Pool Dining Table - From £4,297 - £4,497)

The Signature Anderson feaures wood in its natural form with simple lines and a perfect finish to show the rich grain of the wood. Silver Mist produces the perfect muted, lightly weathered appearance to compliment the space nicely. Pair the table with an earthy-coloured cloth to complete the look for your home. The Silver Mist finish can be found on the Signature Chester, NortonHuntsman, McQueen, Richman, Visconti and Marshall.



If you love the rustic, homely feel of farmhouse design then you will fall head over heels with Cottagecore. Think farmhouse meets hygge. This new trend for home style adds a romantic touch to cozy spaces, making it as much about lifestyle as it is about interior design. It provides a sense of comfort with personal touches and soft furnishings, matched with the nature-driven rustic farm feel.

For this look, try the Signature Norton - Walnut / Silver Mist - Luxury Pool Dining Table - From £4,097 - £4,297

When looking for a cottagecore dining table you want the traditional wooden table leg, with a softened curvature style. The Signature Norton gives the perfect blend between historic feeling aesthetic and comforting design. As mentioned above, a Silver Mist finish makes for an exceptional choice if going for a natural looking table, or go for a truly perfect vintage compliment with the Walnut finish.


If you would like any more home design advice to style a pool dining table in your home please feel free to phone our sales advisors on 0808 258 5098 or 0145 451 3116, we do not charge for any of our extra services including our games room designer tool; we just want to make sure you purchase a pool dining table that makes your home look even more beautiful than it already does.

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