The Mosconi Cup 2018 Is Almost Here!

Posted by Dave 30 NOVEMBER 2018

The 25th Mosconi Cup is almost upon us, taking place between 4-7 December 2018 at the Alexandra Palace in London. This is one of the biggest American pool events of the year, attracting some of the biggest names in billiards. The European side has now won the cup an amazing eight times consecutively, with an amazing victory last year in Las Vegas under their belts, so the Americans will be looking for a chance to claw back some points. Both sides are fielding some of the strongest players in the game today, so it promises to be a great competition!

Team captains Marcus Chamat and Johan Ruijsink both have fantastic teams behind them, and while there was some controversy over Mario He’s selection when he failed a drugs test, Alexander Kazakis has taken his spot on the team to round out the numbers. Each team has a good chance of taking home the trophy, so we’ll be watching every match with bated breath!

The teams in full:


  • Marcus Chamat (Captain)
  • Eklent Kaci
  • Alexander Kazakis
  • Niels Feijen
  • Albin Ouschan
  • Jayson Shaw


  • Johan Ruijsink (Captain)
  • Skyler Woodward
  • Shane Van Boening
  • Billy Thorpe
  • Tyler Styer
  • Corey Deuel

Here at Home Leisure Direct we are of course huge fans of all pool competitions, so we're extremely proud to be a part of the Mosconi Cup by providing the tables on which the competition will be played.

Mosconi Cup Rasson Victory II Pool Table

As in previous years, the Mosconi Cup will be played on Rasson Victory II pool tables, which we are delighted to provide. Available in both 8ft and 9ft sizes, the Rasson Victory II is a high-grade commercial table which has been used in a variety of tournaments, including the World Cup of Pool and GB9 as well as the Mosconi Cup, and has proven a hit with players of all skill levels. With its unique pedestal and V-shaped legs, it's an attractive table with fantastic playability.

Rasson Billiards is one of the biggest and most popular pool table manufacturers, producing over 10,000 tables every year and supplying around 60% of the slate billiards tables in North America. Their tables are built to the highest standards, incorporating fantastic features such as their patented levelling system as well as using the best materials available.

Home Leisure Direct is the exclusive supplier of Rasson pool tables in the UK. We are extremely proud to be able to offer these stunning pool tables, which look amazing and provide tournament-quality play.

The Mosconi Cup promises to be an exciting and unpredictable competition, with an amazing $150,000 total prize fund, and what are expected to be record-breaking crowds of spectators. In this year’s competition, fans watching will be able to vote on the first fixture of the second day’s play and decide who should face off, with the player from each team who receives the most votes going head-to-head on Wednesday. There are more ways to get involved than ever, though of course the best way to be part of the action is on a Rasson Victory II pool table!


Written By: Dave Morgan

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