Home Bars - Now Available Exclusively at Home Leisure Direct

Posted by Jess 02 NOVEMBER 2015

We’ve got some exciting news - we’ve just launched a brand new range of Home Bars. They really are the perfect addition to any games room or leisure area you may have in your home, coupled with one of our beer dispensers, it’ll make your home the the ideal spot for a freshly poured pint. 

We’ve got two of our bars on display in Carter’s Barn, fully working with beer and cider on tap if you fancy checking them out for yourself and testing out the beverages we have to offer!

Why would I want one? You may ask. Well, imagine being able to invite all of your friends and family round for a gathering, being able to pour pints or glasses of wine from an authentic draught tap whilst sitting at a bar in the comfort of your own home. There would be no need for the hassle of arranging babysitters or taxi’s home and being able to have a few drinks from you own bar would be a lot cheaper than buying drinks in a club. 


A Home Bar can fit in with any type of room such as in your games room, conservatory, shed or lounge - they really are suitable for any space. 

Our range of exclusive range of home bars are suitable for any sized budget with pricing starting at £999. They can be fitted with a range of added extras such as LED under lighting or a foot rail to suit your preferences. 

We have two bars in our showroom which are also available on the website - The Premium and The Prestige. 

The Premium Home Bar is made from high-quality MDF with a sleek laminate finish, and is available in variety of different colours and types of finishes. This specific bar is 1050mm tall, 1630mm long and 800mm deep. 

Premium Home Bar - with Stools and Dispenser

The Prestige Home Bar is made from traditional mortise and tenon joints in solid European Oak, a Black American Walnut top and high-grade Pippy Oak panels, making it a stunning design that is built to last. The Prestige is 1650mm tall, 2200mm long and 810mm deep. 

Prestige Home Bar - with Stools

With cupboard space underneath you could even store your favourite pub snacks, the beer/wine keg, spirits, card games or even a mini fridge for mixers, ready for your guests when they come over. There’s enough space for all of your needs. We even have a coffee machine on top of our bar in the showroom! 

If you enjoy cooking or prefer to have all of your utensils in one place, you could even add an area to prepare food to your bar which is scratch and heat resistant, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen as well. 

We have several Draught Beer Dispensers which can be added to your bar including the Dual Tower Beer Dispenser which makes it easy to pour two drinks at once, meaning you could even have one beer tap fitted with a beer keg and the other with another beer keg, a cider keg or even a keg of wine so that you can provide for all tastes your guests may have. Our beer taps ensure that you can pour the perfect pint or glass of wine in the comfort of your own home. 

The Dual Tower Beer Dispenser is constructed from stainless steel to give a sleek look whilst being able to provide professional-standard cooling and the perfect pint. 

Dual Tower Beer Cooler 

The Single Tap Beer Dispenser is also made of stainless steel and is very portable, meaning it can even be taken with you to parties or family barbecues. 

Single Tap Beer Cooler

We can also create custom bars for our customers, if you wish. We can design the bars to the size of the room and custom make them to your preferences - more cupboards, extra shelving, different types of wood or even a high gloss finish. The possibilities are endless. 

If you have an idea about what you would like your bar to look like, you can give our sales team a call on 01454 413636 or e-mail them at [email protected]. They are experts in games room design and will be able to help you with any requests. 

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