Shuffleboard - There's a New Game in Town

Posted by HLD 17 SEPTEMBER 2019

With the rise in popularity of competitive socialising, friends, colleagues and even couples are embracing the American craze of shuffleboard alongside their usual cocktails and craft beer. Groups are even planning their evenings around a pre booked game of shuffleboard at their local pub or bar meaning venues are experiencing increased footfall and dwell time at their premises as a result. 


So what is shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is a game for two or more players where metal weighted pucks are pushed down a long smooth wooden table with the aim of scoring the highest points. This is achieved by landing your pucks in the scoring zone at the opposite end of the table. It might sound easy but believe me you need a gentle touch and some skill to even get close to scoring points as the table is covered in wax (some call it sand) meaning it is extremely slippery. In addition, your fellow players can also knock your pucks off the table. The video below highlights how much fun you can have playing shuffleboard and the rules of the game.

Venues we’ve supplied


We’ve installed many shuffleboard tables to venues throughout the UK including Rebound, Tank and Paddle, The Little Shuffle Club, Boxpark Wembley, Barrel and Horn and Fugitive Motel in Bethnal Green.

"Having played Shuffleboard last year in California, we knew we had to bring it to East London. It's competitive, requires no previous experience of playing and it's for all ages. We've even got a klaxon for when someone scores a 'hanger'. I have to say, it's really brought the place to life." - Liam Tolan, Fugitive Motel, Bethnal Green.

Why would I want a shuffleboard? 


As already mentioned it’s a fun game for all and at most venues you would need to book a session in advance due to the popularity of the boards. Not only is this great for business but it keeps customers coming back bringing a benefits of repeat business too. 


Shuffleboards allow venues to add an additional revenue stream to their business with tables demanding as much as £30 per hour. With multiple sessions booked in advance venues are reaping the rewards of both the profit from the tables and the resulting increase in food and drinks sales.


Shuffleboard is suited to pubs, bars and hotels as they usually have the space to accommodate the long tables, however due to its varied appeal we have seen more and more diverse businesses incorporating tables into their venues.

Facts about us and our shuffleboards


  • Home Leisure Direct have the largest range of shuffleboards available on the market (25 different models from four different manufacturers)
  • We are the only supplier to offer a lifetime warranty on the playing surface (on all Signature Models)
  • All of our boards have 3’’ thick playing surface (some other manufacturers use a 1.5’’ thick play field which is easier and
    quicker to warp and crack)
  • All of our boards are tournament 20” width wide whereas some cheaper boards from other suppliers only have a width of 16.5’'
  • We are the market leaders on price as we are the cheapest by thousands of pounds
  • We are also the largest supplier of shuffleboards in the UK 
  • Our shuffleboards are available in either a traditional flat playing surface or a concave surface.
  • He have large amounts of shuffleboard stock available
  • We offer a solid oak cabinet on our Signature shuffleboard models
  • We are a UK based company with over 40 dedicated and knowledgeable staff who are on hand to offer amazing advice,
    aftercare and servicing
  • Our products and services are back up by industry awards
  • We are the preferred supplier of the largest bar chains in the UK 

If you’re interested in our shuffleboards or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Home Leisure Direct Commercial Team. You can call Josh and his team for free on 0800 622 6464 or e-mail us via [email protected]

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