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Posted by HLD 28 JUNE 2017

Are you a business owner and want to own a football table with your own logo? Imagine having a football table bearing your company's professionally engraved logo. Be it in a bar, restaurant or your own office, the table is a perfect for entertainment. With Sulpie’s new customised football tables you can do just that.

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Sulpie just released a new customisable option for their Evolution football table that is available to both you and companies. Their new customisation option allows you to send in your company's logo and have it engraved onto your new football table.


The customisation process is done by a CNC machine operated by a group of experienced professionals. The engravings are done by your request; Simply send us the logo with your purchase and we will take care of everything. You will get a preview of the logo on your table within the next few days made on an industry standard program (Solid Works) exported into a common PDF file allowing you to see how your logo will look from all perspectives.


When buying a custom football table all you need to do is to follow four easy steps:

  • Send your company logo with the finish colour of the table

  • You will receive a preview file based on the Sulpie Evolution Table

  • Approve the design and the work will begin

  • Delivery of your awesome new table will be arranged

If you want a logo to be engraved that does not belong to you i.e. a Manchester United, you will need to provide a 'right to use' letter from the owner of the logo/brand.

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This is a great offer for either companies or individuals.

As a company, you can get one of the customised tables to fit into your office. Imagine having a Christmas party for you and your team and how great the table would look. It’s a branded table created specially for you that will be representing your company. Likewise, if you’re not a business owner, the table will be engraved with whatever you want making it your own personal football table.


Sulpie also launched their new hand painted custom football table. This table is much more personal in comparison to the engraved table. You will be putting your idea in the hands of Serge Van Khache, a France-based artist who uses his own unique style to fulfil your requests. This process will take longer as the painting involves the whole football table. It’s turning a normal football table into a football table that is the only one in the world.

Hand painted Sulpie table.png

This new line of customised football tables is a great opportunity to create a unique product that will be a long lasting item that will always be related to you or your brand.


About Sulpie


Sulpie is a French manufacturer who’s been in business for over 50 years making top of the line professional football tables. Such experience allows the company to create handcrafted football tables of unrivalled quality.


Every table is made in Sulpie’s workshops located in Coulonge, France. They take great care in choosing the materials for each table. Using the best quality of hardwood and stainless steel.

All of their designs are made in solid beech; coming from an eco-sustainable forest, they make sure that each piece taken is subjected to a rigorous selection process with specific regard to its grain in order to ensure that the football tables show their full potential.

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