5 Benefits Of Playing Tables Tennis At Home

The government announced we all need to work from home where possible and the closure of our schools, meaning the majority of us will now be working at home with the kids! 

The big question on everyone’s lips is how do you keep you and your family occupied, fit and healthy for what could be a number of weeks or months? We have an answer, Table Tennis.

A table tennis table is a cost-effective way to keep you and your family occupied for hours in the comfort of your own home, but what are the benefits of this for you and your family?

Keeps You Moving  
Playing for an hour of table tennis can burn over 200 calories depending on how vigorous your gameplay is. It’s a great way to improve your leg, arm and core strength without over-exercising or putting to much pressure on your joints.

Time Away From The Computer

If we can keep ourselves and the children off of computers or phones, even for a short time, it’s a win-win. Whatever happens in the coming weeks we all need to have a little bit of fun and exercise and some screen free time too.

Space Saving Solutions

All our indoor Table Tennis Tables foldaway or rollaway, you can store under the stairs, in the garage or in a big enough space where it doesn’t get in the way.

Table Tennis Is A Social Sport

Once you start playing you’ll love it! It can be competitive and the interaction is great for mental health especially if stuck at home social distancing from everybody else apart from your family at home. It can also be played by all ages - perfect for the whole family.

Live Long And Ping Pong!
Table Tennis England created this amazing infographic to explain 10 more reasons why you should play Table Tennis.

10-Reasons-to-Play-Table-Tennis blog.jpg

For more information on our Home Leisure Direct Indoor Table Tennis range please visit our website

Words by Ray Chuss

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