BeerPong: The Only Guide You Need

Posted by Scott 30 APRIL 2015
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Beerpong has become increasingly popular in the UK since we adopted it from our friends across the pond. Many students now play it at pre-drinks to spice it up a bit. BeerPong is far from easy though! It requires some skill and luck and if you do end up being good at it, you are a huge threat to someone’s night out! BeerPong doesn’t have to involve alcohol, it can be played by anyone of any age for fun. All you need is a table tennis table or a similar sized table for this to be played. Why not a normal small table you ask? It makes it too easy thus making the game boring. The distance is important and so is the audience. The best experience you get from BeerPong is by using a table tennis table. So here is the step by step guide


Beer Pong Guide - An infographic by the team at Home Leisure Direct

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The Guide

It can be played 1 versus 1 or team versus team.
I advise you go no bigger than a team of 4. This makes the game less effective (at getting you drunk) and means you lose momentum while playing. It should be a high paced shoot out!

Half-fill several 16-oz plastic cups with beer. The usual cups are the red styled Americans but any cup this size is fine. Don’t go too big as it makes the game easy. 

Prepare a clean-up bucket. The game can get messy. Make sure you have wipes at the ready to make sure the spills don’t ruin the game and table. Bucket at the ready for cups, spills and possibly spewing! 

Set up the cups. Arrange the cups either using a 6 cup triangle or 10 cup. Whatever your preference. They get set up like pool/snooker balls do at the start of the game. 

Play rock, paper, and scissors to determine what team goes first. This could be the big difference make sure you get the first shot!

Throw the balls into cups. The goal of beerpong is to throw two balls per turn into the opposing cups. The ball must not be bounced and must be thrown directly into the cup. If you do allow bouncing once it has bounced the opposing team can try and block the ball after it has bounced (this rule may make it messy). 

Drink up! At the end of a turn each cup that has a ball inside it must be drank by the opposing team. You can vary the rules here by either going 1 versus 1 with someone or choosing which member of the opposing team will drink. 

Remove cups. At the end of each round each cup that has a ball in it is drunk and then removed from the table. The remaining cups will stay and then the game continues. Each team is allowed two re-racks of the cups filled with beer. If you can get momentum and use re-racks the other team is in big trouble!

Play until the opposing team has no cups left.

This is a simple guide on how to play beer pong. There are several variations and to be honest, you can be “wrong” playing it. Having some structure does make it a better game though. You can find more variations of the game here

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