Outdoor Table Tennis Tables Now on Display at our Bristol Showroom

With the weather taking a turn for the better this weekend we have just taken delivery of a selection of our three most popular outdoor table tennis tables that will now be on display in The Courtyard of our Bristol Showroom.

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We are excited to have a selection of table tennis tables on display for customers to try before they buy, just in time for the school holidays. It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained, not just for this summer holiday, but for years to come. I believe it’s important for kids to be active and to enjoy being outside playing with their friends. All too often we have parents who visit our showrooms frustrated by their teenagers who spend almost all of their free time glued to their computer consoles/iPhones/Facebook. A table tennis table is usually a welcomed edition to the home, even by the most sulky of teenagers!

The first table we have on display is the Cornilleau Sport ONE Outdoor Table Tennis Table which is a great table at an entry level price point, coming in a just under £350. It is a fantastic outdoor table tennis table for families who are just starting out in table tennis or who have smaller children. It is one of our more lightweight models weighing just 45kg and is on rollaway wheels which means it can be folded and moved out of the way allowing you full use of your garden. This is an excellent budget choice.

The next table we have on display is the Butterfly Champion Deluxe Outdoor Table Tennis Table that was used in the London 2012 Olympic Villages, so a very solid  and reputable choice. It has a 5mm top which makes it an excellent table for outdoor use. Most players who are looking to improve their game will want at least a 5mm playing surface as this allows the ball to have adequate bounce in order to play some better shots. This table comes in at just under £500.

The final table we now have on display is the Cornilleau 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table which is one of our top of the range, foldaway outdoor table tennis tables that has full approval from the FFTT for competition use. It is designed for those who want the very best from an outdoor table tennis table. It is strong, well designed and for those of you where style is important, it will look great in your garden throughout the year and comes in three colour options. The Cornilleau Sport 500M comes with a 3 Year Parts and 10 Year Playing Surface Warranty for your peace of mind. This table is built to last and at just under £600 represents phenomenal value for money for such a high end table tennis table.

All of these table tennis tables are now on display in The Courtyard of our Bristol Showroom.

We look forward to seeing you and your little ones there for a game, on what we hope to be a very sunny Saturday!

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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