Table Tennis Tables: The Top 5 Luxury Tables

Posted by Scott 12 MAY 2015

Tired of the run-of-the-mill table tennis tables? It’s time for you to upgrade. We here at have just the list for you: five of the most expensive tables tennis tables money can buy.

James De Wulf’s Ping Pong Dining Table

concrete table tennis 1.jpg

concrete table tennis 2.jpg

Everyone knows that concrete table tennis tables areexpensive, but this is just ridiculous. At a whopping £5,984.53, James De Wulf’s design is meant to endure the toughest of weather conditions. Minimalistic and sturdy, this is not just a ping pong table; it can also be a dining table—a perfect addition to any modern home.

“But it’s a custom job,” you say. “That’s impractical.”

Very true. Art pieces and custom-made table tennis tables can get very expensive and not at all intended for the actual sport of ping pong. Just look at Tom Burr’s Limited Edition ping pong table that is completely made out of rubber—it has a price tag of around  £28,000. Or how about Bernard Semerdijan’s Stealth Premier ping pong table that has a design inspired by the Stealth Bomber, is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber, and has a price tag of about £45,000!

No, you’re right. Custom jobs and Limited Editions are not for the average consumer. So for the rest of this list, only pricey tables available to the everyday buyer will be included.

Killerspin’s Revolution SVR Blacksteel

killerspin blacksteel.jpg

This sleek, black table is Killerspin’s best offering in their Revolution series. Its base is a black metal frame, and it’s playing surface is 22 mm of medium density fiberboard (MDF), coated using Killerspin’s Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) process that provides optimal glare reduction. The table by itself costs £3,209.94, but Killerspin’s website also offers an entire package deal complete with Limited Edition rackets and racket cases as well as 72 packs of x4 ping pong balls. The entire package runs at £3,787.84, and it is quite stunning to behold. We are currently in talks with Killerspin and will potentially become the UK's exclusive retailer of Killerspin products! 

Butterfly Polymer Concrete series

butterly polymer.jpeg

These concrete beauties are featured right here on The most expensive table of the series, the Butterfly R2000 Polymer Concrete table, might throw you off at first with its circular design, but it is a sturdy and all-purpose table that can stand the test of time and the most aggressive of players. Its base is steel-reinforced polymer concrete, and its net is aluminum.  The playing surface is 25 mm of polymer concrete that endures the wear-and-tear from weather even more soundly than just concrete. 

Buyers looking for the more traditional rectangular design should look no further than the Butterfly B2000 Polymer Concrete 30RO table which has all of the same features as the R2000 design but looks more like what one would expect from a table tennis table. The R2000 is priced at £3,097 while the B2000 is at £2,758.97.

Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table 

puma chalk.jpg

In an attempt to create a table that doesn’t take the sport so seriously, Aruliden created a remarkable table that is both practical and fun in its design. The playing surface is a ceramic chalk surface, which means that chalk can be used on the table itself to keep score, draw out play patterns, or just heckle the other player with mean notes. The table also features ash wood legs for its base and nifty side shelves to store one’s table tennis equipment. It is priced at £2,504.98.

RS Barcelona You and Me Table Tennis Table 

RS Barcelona.jpg

The final table in our list of the most expensive ping pong tables happens to be featured on our website as well. In fact, it’s our most recent addition. Like the James De Wulf table, the RS Barcelona is meant to be simple and beautiful in its minimalistic design as well as functioning as a table or desk when it is time for work instead of play. It is made from steel and coated using the Cataphoresis Coating process, making it weather-resistant and durable. The longest table, at 2.74 m in length, costs £2,440, but the buyer has two more options: the 2.2 m-long edition at £2,140 or the 1.8 m-long edition at £1,650. Any of the three options would look great in an indoor, outdoor, or office environment.

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