Visit to Bilhares Carrinho

Bilhares Carrinho is without a doubt, the finest pool table manufacturer in Portugal who both Myself (Michelle) & Andy had the pleasure of visiting just last week.

Bilhares Carrinho was founded in 1962 and they have a vast 345,00 ft production unit just outside of the beautiful city of Porto. They are the prestigious supplier of the Predator World Tour Championship and their tables are certified by the EPBF - European Pocket Billiard federation for use in competitions all over Europe.

What separates Bilhares Carrinho from the competition is that the entire production of the table is carried out in house. Whereas a number of manufacturers outsource many of the fussy, skilled components such as cushion rubber, legs, ordering pre-cut slate in - Carrinho do it all themselves as they believe it is the only way to ensure the quality of their product.

Bilhares Carrinho Welding Pool Table Pool Table Cushion Fitter

Photos: L: Steel frame fabrication carried out in house R: Cushion fitter skillfully covering cushions using baton method


It really is something quite special to see, then Antonio the CEO took us out the back to show us the raw wood store where the shipments of maple and ash are aged, we immediately knew there was something quite special about this process. 


Raw Wood Stacked in Pool Table Warehouse to Age Saw Mill at Pool Table Factory

Photos: L: Raw Ash, Maple and Chesnut wood stacked in the store to age R: Traditional Saw mill for cutting raw wood

We were surprised to learn that the waste on the wood is very high. Antonio says


“In order to make a high quality product, you must have exceptional standards. Out of one tree we probably use as little as 40% of the wood as the other 60% does not meet the grade”.


The other wood that has natural flaws in or warping is sold on for other uses but is not used by the company.

The slate is imported from Brazil as it is one of the finest slate producing nations in the world. Bilhares Carrinho import it from there in its raw form as cut and hone each slate as per each clients and tables requirements. In the UK a typical slate is 3/4” in thickness, Carrinho make slates from 3/4” right up to 2 1/2 inches.

New York Bilhares Carrinho Pool Table Stockholm Pool Table Bilhares Carrinho

Photos: L: Stainless Steel Bilhares Carinho New York Pool Dining Table R: Stockholm White Gloss Painted Pool Table with Fuschia Cloth

With such thick slates, most of the tables they produce are steel enforced, which you simply do not get in the UK market. This makes sure the weight of the slate is supported properly making the playing surface play true with no dipping or sagging of the slate. Again, all of the steelwork is created in house as Antonio tells us 


“We know our tables better than anyone else, therefore it simply makes sense to fabricate all the components in house. Each table is different. This way we keep full control over the end product and have the ability and skills to make any adjustments required throughout the process”.

This ethos shines through in the end product. The tables are some of the best we have seen and it seems the Carrinho really do understand that the European market have modern tastes when it comes to design. 

We are proud to have been selected as their Exclusive Partner and Distributor in the United Kingdom and look forward to introducing these beautiful pieces to our clients. We can also offer these tables on 10 months Interest Free Credit (subject to acceptance) making luxury, that little bit more affordable

Please feel free to take a look at our range of Bilhares Carrinho Pool Tables and we will also have some models on show very shortly.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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