Vintage Coca Cola Machine - Vendo 56

Sat proudly in the lobby of our Luxury showroom in Bristol is this 1958 Vendo 56 Vintage Coca Cola machine we have recently acquired through our picking escapades.

Coca Cola Machine Vendo 56

Both myself and Andy are huge fans of vintage Americana and have collected ourselves for many years so to finally have a classic coke machine on display in our showroom is wonderful. This is a mint example of one of Vendo/Coke’s most collectable machines, the Vendo 56.

There is something that really stirs me about 1950’s America. It was a time that some of the most collectable cars, jukeboxes and vending machines were being produced as well as beautiful tailoring and fashions for both men and women. It was when men wore hats and three piece suits and the women were simply timelessly feminine. For me it is magical and the style of the time is unbeatable.

Vintage Coke Machine Vendo 56

The Vendo 56 Coke Machine is listed as one of the “Top 10” collectable vending machines of all time thanks to it’s slant shelf that can vend various bottle sizes and the classic two tone paint scheme. It is a popular collectable nowadays due to it’s smaller size and weight making it ideal for home games rooms or simply as a show piece for the home or office. It is fully working, holds and chills 56 bottles.

The Vendo 56 is one of the rarer coke vending machines on the market and can be expensive to purchase but is extremely desireable. This machine was imported from one of the best restorers in the US back in 2008 by a passionate UK based 1950’s Americana collector.

In our opinion as with any collectable pieces such as pinballs machines, vintage coke machines and vintage jukeboxes it is all about investing in the right pieces in order that they not only retain their value but increase in value over the years. A refrigerator such as the Vendo 56, as long as it is looked after, in our opinion could increase in value two fold within the next 10 years as they are becoming more and more hard to find.

That being said, this vintage coke machine is something that once you have in your home, will be difficult to let go of again.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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