Less Booze And More Social Events In Today's Universities

Less Booze And More Social Events In Today's Universities

It seems the modern day student prefers a night out with friends playing shuffleboard rather than waking up the next day with a massive hangover. Almost a quarter of students believe there should be more social events at university that do not involve any drinking, according to the National Union of Students (NUS) survey. One in five students say they are tee-total, so do your student spaces offer enough alcohol-free fun?

Megan Price, Vice President of Education at Worcester SU said, “The start of the new academic year saw two SU bars close at universities across the country,” emphasising the need for engaging students beyond the beer pumps and creating stimulating sober spaces. 

Home Leisure Direct Commercial Sales Manager, Adam Penwell explained:

“Feedback from the universities is that students are looking for more than just a few beers. They want competitive gaming capabilities and more of an engaging social environment. Moving forwards contactless pool tables, pool dining tables, shuffleboard, golden tee and interactive darts will enable us to work with universities to meet their competitive socializing requirements.”

Exeter University students

“We haven't had a pool table in the RAM bar at Exeter University for many years,” said Michael Gibson. “This is due to needing the seating covers, once Home Leisure Direct showed us the Vantage Contactless Pool Dining table, our requirements were immediately met.”

So What is ‘Competitive Socialising’?

Competitive socialising is the increasingly popular idea that people want to spend money on experiences and events, rather than just food or drink. While a blow-out night for a student could still be over £100, they expect entertaining! By offering competitive socialising, your venue can optimise the time and spend by students and young people.

UK nightclubs have seen attendances almost halved between 2005 and 2015 as the millennial generation opt for activities over indulgence, typified by their increased cinema spend in that time. Here’s how you can benefit:

How Can Competitive Socialising Benefit Universities?

Engaging and exciting activities will increase dwell time and get maximum social media interaction from customers.

Competitive socialising encourages social interaction, with many universities building large student societies around pool, pinball and shuffleboard.

Attract larger groups! A large group of friends heading out for the night normally stay together, if venues can engage/entertain them, then the aggregate spend increase can be huge!

The atmosphere and buzz of activities improves the overall offer in the venue, creating an atmosphere that will draw in revellers, particularly outside traditional peak hours.

Increased F&B sales as a result of exciting competitive socialising help to maximise these benefits.Venues that offer the full package ie food, drinks and games  Can maximise these advantages.

Times change and universities are  increasingly embracing on-site events and competitive social activities. Attractive and vibrant bars with the added concept of contactless pool tables and shuffleboards will add to the students memories and life on campus. 

A win-win environment for all.

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