What Is Competitive Socialising?

The definition of competitive socialising is any game or competition that forms part of a wider social occasion. Pool, darts and snooker are some of the most enduring and popular competitive socialising activities in the UK hospitality market.

Competitive socialising is a popular way of providing fun to customers while boosting venue revenues. Competitive socialising has become even more popular due to tighter margins on food and drink purchases.

Why Is Competitive Socialising Important?

One pub closes every twelve hours in the UK, with businesses struggling under pressure from increasing rates, the highest beer taxes in Europe and rising food prices due to economic uncertainty.

Competitive socialising provides a valuable alternative revenue stream for businesses; one which is immune from many of their other cost pressures. Whether it’s pool tables or pinball, competitive socialising also attracts larger groups to a premises and increases the amount of time they spend there.

As such, competitive socialising is a brilliant way to increase your revenue and find new ways of interacting with potential customers. With a range of finance and profit share arrangements available, Home Leisure Direct can also help remove the financial obstacles for any business.

When Did Competitive Socialising Start?

Competitive socialising has been a centrepiece of social rituals since ancient times. For example, knife throwing has become massively popular in the last five years but is actually largely unchanged from the ancient Nordic sport played by Vikings!

Even pub games like darts have hundreds of years of history. King Henry VIII reportedly loved darts and was given a set by Anne Boleyn, while snooker was popular among 19th century officers and gentlemen stationed in India. As such, competitive socialising has been a proven and valued part of life for hundreds of years.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Competitive Socialising?

The most popular types of competitive socialising in the UK have traditionally been closely linked to pubs and include:

    • Pub quizzes
    • Snooker and pool
    • Darts
    • Shuffleboard

That said, people are finding new ways to disrupt the traditional competitive socialising market. By making social media-friendly venues with modern competitive socialising at their core, businesses such as Flight Club, London Shuffle Club and Whistlepunks are creating models that appeal to younger drinkers and make games and activities the core of a night out, rather than a sideshow. 

What is the Future of Competitive Socialising?

A new generation of more selective consumers wants to enjoy unique experiences and create memories when they spend money on going out. That means vendors have to provide the entertainment and individuality that represent value for money to these consumers. It’s a challenge that a range of suppliers and manufacturers are ready to meet with passion, expertise and imagination.

Join Home Leisure Direct at Competitive Socialising 2020, where our expert panel will debate the exciting future of competitive socialising. As well as showcasing some of the most innovative products and games, Competitive Socialising 2020 is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the future of socialising.

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