UEFA Euro 2016: Get your Party Started!

Posted by Jono 10 JUNE 2016

UEFA Euro 2016 Logo.png


With the summer finally turning up the heat around the country, the sports season is finally here! Whilst the Rio Olympics is a huge event in the calendar, everyone’s attention right now is on the huge football event that is UEFA Euro 2016!

Kicking off from the 10th of June in France, 24 European teams are set to go head-to-head at 10 venues across the country. Amongst the teams are some true heavyweights in the world of football, and the competition looks to be intense! Intense enough that Euro seems to come up reliably every morning in the morning briefing at the showrooms…

Apart from some great football, there’s also scope for a some even better Euro parties. Especially for those who want to take their Euro celebrations to the max. Below we’ve got a selection of ideas for you to really kickstart your Euro parties.


Football Tables


The Euro championship is all about football, so what better place to start than with the very same game scaled down for your games room? Table football is always a fast game of hand eye co-ordination, and allows either single players or teams to play against each other. Why not stage a boys vs. girls match, or a parents vs. kids match?

There are even some tables that offer great customisation options. For example, the Sulpie Evolution comes in a huge range of different finishes, and even allows you to pick each side’s team colours, allowing you to put your favourite team right into the game.

We have a huge range of football tables to choose from. Starting from under £125, what better way to get in on the football fun?


Pool Tables

Mini Cooper Pool Table - Tom playing

A game of pool is a perfect way to unwind after any eventful (or devastating depending on the outcome!) match. Pool tables are already one of our most popular items that people come to us for, and they can set a party atmosphere off perfectly.

The pool tables we offer can cater to any budget, and are all premium slate bed designs. Specifically made to not only play great, but also look fantastic at home too.


Don’t want to stay indoors? You don’t have to! Many homes find that pool tables work very well outdoors too, and are a lot of fun when installed on a patio or garden decking. We have a selection of pool tables suitable for outdoor use, including the incredibly popular Supreme Winner.


Table Tennis

Table Tennis Tables Outside our Showrooms

For many people, watching the action unfolding on the pitch will give them the nudge to get active themselves. In this case, Table Tennis comes into its own.

Table Tennis is ideal for this time of year and gets the whole family moving (check out just how much with our infographic here) and the game is also a blast to play (especially trying to catch the ball after a point is scored!).

We have a huge selection of outdoor table tennis tables starting at under £300, from the best in collapsible designs, to the best in high end permanent tables.



Whatever you choose to spice up your Euro celebrations, we hope that everybody enjoys the event as it happens. Wales Vs. England has really gotten the team here excited, that’s for sure.

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