How much does it cost to move a pool table?

Posted by HLD 05 FEBRUARY 2016
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We’re often asked how much does it cost to move a pool table or snooker table and of course it depends on the pool table you are looking to have moved and where you would like the aforementioned pool table moved to.

**Please note, we no longer offer a pool table moving service**

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The installation of a snooker table is a professional job. It is not something we would ever recommend a customer attempting themselves, in fact we never sell any of our snooker tables or American pool tables without installation for this very reason.

A snooker table is a full day’s work to install. Not only do the cushion rails need removing, cloth stripped, slate joints cleaned, table dismantled and moving it safely into our vehicle, but the whole process needs to be carried out again in reverse to put the snooker table back together again. The installation of the snooker table can take around 5 hours, making snooker table recovery a lengthy process. 

What people often don’t always take into consideration is the fact that snooker tables, as well as sectional slate pool tables, are actually made up of 3-5 pieces of slate which all need to be independently levelled and set together using putty or wax. Not something that a novice should even try to attempt in our opinion.

With any of our sectional slate removals and reinstallation's the thing to bear in mind is the cloth that is removed from the table is very rarely salvageable and of course if the bed cloth needs to be replaced, the cushions will need to be too so you must account for this when thinking of purchasing a second hand table or moving your own table. The price of pool table recovery is definitely something to take into consideration. 

If you are serious about wanting your pool table or snooker table removed it is probably best to take photos of the table so we can accurately identify it as there are some tables on the market that are notoriously difficult to re-cloth. There is a particular brand of sectional slate table made is eastern Europe that always poses problems when we are called out to recover. We don’t sell this brand nor do we have any plans to but we will of course offer pool table recovery for them if asked. Our fitters are the best in the industry so even if jobs are difficult, we are still able to carry out the work.

We will also need to know the size of the table so if you don’t have this information already, simply use a tape measure to measure the outside edge of the table, not the playing surface. We need this information to be able to quote on the pool table recovery service you need. 

We will also want to know where in the country the table currently is and where in the property. Is it up or downstairs? Is is already dismantled and in storage? We will also need to know where the tables final destination is including where in the property it is, again up or downstairs.

Once we have this information our team will be able to work out an exact quote. Of course different factors will mean the quote is variable, it is difficult to give a blanket cost but just as a rough guide for a table being transported no more than 100 miles these prices would be a rough indication.

If you are moving house and would like to use our pool tables removal service please feel free to give the office a call and we can work out a quote for you. If you wish to hurry things along, make sure you have photos of the table installed (if not possible that you know the make and model of the table), that you know the size of the table and the address where the table is and where you wish it to go, that way we can be sure we get back to you in a timely manner.

For more information about our pool table recovery service please visit our Pool and Snooker Services Page. Alternatively you can give us a call on 0800 622 6464 or 01454 413636 to speak to one of our expert sales advisors. 

Written By: Andy Beresford

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