What Pool Dining Table would look good in my Kitchen?

The wonderful thing about blending a kitchens and a pool table together is that now, thanks to the buying team at Home Leisure Direct, there are literally thousands of combination of pool dining tables to choose from just as there are kitchen styles.

Beautiful Kitchen

Of course there is not a one size fits all with the purchase of a pool dining table, there are lots of things to consider such as the style of your kitchen, the colour palate you have used, will you be looking to decorate again within the next 10 or so years; all equally important factors when deciding on which of our gorgeous pool dining tables to opt for.

As resident interior designer at Home Leisure Direct, i’m going to take you though a selection of the most popular kitchen styles this over the past few years and have a look at what pool dining table I believe would work really well in such a room.

First on my list is a style of kitchen that has been really popular and will no doubt continue to do so, the Shaker Kitchen. Shaker inspired kitchens are complimentary to almost every interior and style of house making them a popular choice with kitchen buyers over the past 10 years. They are bright, fresh with just a hint of rustic charm. I have seen these in both old and new houses alike and they seem to work very well with a lighter, more organic toned colour palate on the walls.

Shaker Kitchen

My choice of Pool dining table for a Shaker style kitchen would be a natural wood table that wouldn’t jar with the painted cabinets. A wood that is light in colour, possibly a beautiful oiled Oak. I wouldn’t pick a cloth colour that was too garish so would avoid all pure colours and stick to the Powder Blue, Sage, Sliver, Taupe and Nutmeg.

My splurge would have to pick the Billiard Montfort Lewis Pool Dining Table in Oak starting from £3997

My steal would the the Sorento Pool Dining Table starting from £929.00

Next on the agenda is the contemporary Maple Wood kitchen. These are wonderfully warm and a very popular buy with developers. They make a contemporary statement without being as stark as say a white gloss style kitchen.

Maple Wood Kitchen

My tables of choice here are slightly more difficult. A lot of the choices will depend on the colour of your worktops, that being said i’ve managed to narrow it down to these two.

My Splurge would be the Billiard Plaisance Milan Inox Pool Dining Table which starts from £2997

My steal would be The Napoli Pool dining table which starts from £969

With cloth on these, I think you could take your pick to an extent. However, Personally, i don’t believe any red tones work with this shade of wood but again, it’s all down to personal choice.

My third kitchen style would be the ever popular high gloss kitchen. These are the perfect choice for a modern and stylish home. Keeping the work surfaces clear of clutter, home to only a few well chosen pieces is key to pulling off this style successfully.

White Gloss Kitchen

The gloss kitchens are easy to chose tables for.  Rather than overplay the gloss element of the kitchen and chose a gloss, I would actually chose a dark wood. It will tone down the glitz of the kitchen and give it a little bit of soul. Mixing a beautiful wood, with a modern kitchen softens everything making it feel more homely and less like a science lab.

My splurge would be The Billiard Montfort Lewis Pool Dining Table in Teak £4997

My steal would be The Fusion Pool Dining Table starting from £894.97

Although the Fusion Pool Dining Table is not a natural wood table as I recommended, I believe it is a good looking table in this price band that would work with this style of kitchen. My advice would be that if your budget doesn’t stretch real wood, to take a look at some of our black and white laminate pool dining tables. They are not as harsh as gloss and have a nice subtle sheen which would also work well.

Dark wood kitchens are making a mark for themselves. A wood that is very in fashion at the moment is American black walnut. More and more homes are tearing up their light oak flooring to lay something more sumptuous in a darker shade. I know it was one of the first things I did when we moved into our house a few years back.

Dark Wood Modern Kitchen

Dark kitchens typically have black granite worktops and can be rather luxurious places. My call on this space is a no brainer.

The Splurge would be The Billiard Montfort Lewis Pool Dining Table in Black Gloss starting from £3997

My Steal would be The Oxford Pool Dining Table in Black starting from £799

Colour pool cloths that work well here with black would be jewel tones, purple being by far our best seller with black pool dining tables.

Traditional farmhouse kitchens are something else, they are full of character that is not very easy to replicate in a modern home. For me at least, you need to chose your key pieces with reverence. They must reflect the craftsmanship of the building and they must be characterful.

Farmhouse Kitchen

With that in mind here are my recommendations for traditional country farmhouse kitchen.

My splurge would be The Chevillotte Gascogne Pool Dining Table starting from £5697

My steal would be The Billiard Plaisance Rome Pool Dining Table starting from £2979

As for cloth choices, I would go for more traditional colours such as blues & greens here to accentuate the heritage of the table.

Lastly for the minimalist Scandinavian kitchen. These effortlessly chic spaces are easy to get wrong which is why picking the right pool dining table is a must. With this style of kitchen it is not as 'bling' as a gloss kitchen but equally as modern. Personally my call would be for a wood or a non-gloss paint, in a very light tone

Very Modern minimalist Kitchen

My splurge would be the Chevillotte Heimo Pool Dining Table in Beech starting from £5997

My steal would be Billiard Mortfort Capelan Pool Dining Table in High Gloss Grey Paint starting from £2947

With either of these tables I would go for something like neutral like grey or black but if you did want to punch up the colour, something juicy like a pillar box red would look awesome.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you would like any interior design advice in regards to what pool dining table would work in your kitchen please feel free to drop me an email with a photo of your kitchen and an idea of budget and I can put together a list of recommendations for you to [email protected], we do not charge for any of our extra services including our games room designer tool; we just want to make sure you purchase a pool dining table that makes your home look even more beautiful than it already does.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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