What is the best pool table?

Posted by Michelle 01 FEBRUARY 2013
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When purchasing one of our pool tables, customers always have in mind “What one’s the best?” and it’s a question that can really only be answered once we fully understand your requirements. It is a very difficult question to answer and it really ought to be phrased “What is the best pool table for my budget?”

There is not one pool able that is better than any other we sell, of course each of our team have their own favourites but it really depends on what you type of pool table for and what how much you want to spend.

In theory the more you spend on a pool table in the better quality the table is, but a lot of what you are paying for with luxury pool tables is the materials used and the craftsmanship. It is far cheaper to produce an MDF cabinet table that a solid teak pool dining table for example.

Montfort Lewis Teak - with benches

For example if you are looking to buy a reasonably prices pool table for the home and you do not require a pool dining table the best choice in our range is The Supreme Winner Pool Table. This table is used in all the major English pool tournaments and by far has the best finishing and gameplay on a table under £1000. This table has an MDF construction but can come in a range of laminates to suit.

Supreme Winner Black Pool Table with Blue Cloth

If you are looking for a top of the range English Pool table you needn’t look any further than The Sam Atlantic Pool BAPTO Pool Table at £2197. This is easily the best quality English pool table on the market in terms of finish and gameplay. It has a unique levelling system and a rock solid plywood cabinet that can come in hundreds of bespoke laminates (for an extra charge) and lost of zero cost options that are available on the website.

Bapto Atlantic Black Full

If you are looking for an American Pool table and don't want to spend too much money, our opinion would be to go for the Buffalo Eliminator II Pool Table with the 7ft model starting at just £1419. For a sectional slate table under £2000 this really is a great buy and a fantastic introduction for American pool.

Eliminator II American Pool Table - Walnut

If you are looking for an American pool table that’s a littler bit more special, a real players table then look no further than the Sam Magno American Pool Table which comes in at just a tad under £4000 for an 8ft model. This table is very similar to the Sam Atlantic in terms of style but of course has the American style pockets and cushions. There are other more popular commercial style tables such as the K-Steel but my pick would be the Magno as it is a far more stylish table in my opinion.

Magno Pro GB9 Tour American Pool Table

Now we move onto what is probably our most popular category of pool tables, Pool dining tables. We have more pool dining tables for sale than anyone in the world in our opinion so if it’s a style of pool dining table you want, you are more than likely to find it on our website.

Our most highly recommend pool dining table under £1000 would be The Oxford Pool Dining Table. This is a UK made table that comes in all the popular finishes. It has chrome hardware on the table which you don’t find on some of the cheaper tables as well as metal dowels on the dining top which keep it securely in place. It has an MDF body with foil wrap laminate which gives the table a more natural effect. A great buy all round.

Oxford Pool Dining Table - Dark Walnut with Green cloth

If you wanted to spend a little more and we’re looking for a solid wood table then our favourite table that would fit that bill would be the Billiard Montfort Capelan Pool Dining Table. It is constructed from solid beech wood and can come in a number of wood, painted and high gloss finishes. It’s part of our luxury table range for a good reason. The finishing is beautiful and it really is a piece of furniture first and foremost but in no way sacrifices game play with it having an excellent cushion response as well as diamond honed slate playing surface. This is a great buy for someone looking for a pool dining table that looks special but plays exceptionally too.

Capelan Montfort Fancy View

Photo: The Billiard Montfort Capelan Pool Dining Table in Grey Gloss

One of my personal favourite pool dining tables we sell that again is part of our luxury range was created for customers looking for something distinctly modern yet understated with that looks like a designer piece of furniture. The Billiard Montfort Lewis Pool Dining Table in my opinion is in a league of it’s own, there is nothing else like it on the market in the world today. It is again a solid beech or oak construction that can come in a number of wood, painted and gloss finishes. We have just created with the manufacturer what I believe to be one of the most beautiful tables in our showroom - The Exclusive Billiard Montfort Lewis Pool Dining Table in Teak. It is a stunning table that is constructed in solid teak with a beautiful natural oiled finish. It has the warmth of real wood  with the modern, simplistic design. This table is truly the best of both worlds starting from £4496 for a 6ft model complete with dining top.

Luxury Pool Table Montfort Lewis Teak

Photo: The Billiard Montfort Lewis Pool Dining Table in Solid Teak

Finally if you are lucky enough to have a larger budget to play with and you truly want one of the most spectacular pool tables in Europe it has to be none other than The Etrusco P40 Pool Table that comes with a dining option. This table is built by some of the finest craftsmen in Tuscany. All tables are solid wood construction using only the finest woods and materials available. The finishing is like no other table we offer with the option of a gorgeous inlayed plexiglas dining top which only adds to this tables beauty. It plays as a table of this calibre should and the dining option in no way compromises the gameplay. It is the best of the best and a outright favourite of our celebrity customers and interior designers.

Luxury Walnut Pool Table Etrusco P40

Photo: The Etrusco P40 Pool Dining Table with Solid Walnut Finish and Plexiglass Legs

We haven’t answered your question exactly of which pool table is best but I hope this article helps you to understand what is the best table in our opinion for the budget you have to spend.

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