Sam K Steel II - Now On Display

The Sam K Steel II is by far the most popular commercial American Pool Table available on the UK market and we now have a stunning version on show in an eye-catching orange cloth with the stylish Zebrano finish.

The Sam K Steel II is the new and improved version of it’s predecessor the K Steel. These tables are the most widely commercially used tables in the country and you will find them in 90% of the UK pool halls that are offering US Pool


The K Steel II has a solid steel frame hidden from view covered in scratch and burn resistant Formica and a solid oak top rail. The 1” slate on this model is diamond cut to precision creating a faultless playing surface together with K-66 profile cushions makes this table play like no other. The K Steel II has been redesigned and improved to meet all EPBF specifications and has been recently used in serval tournaments in the UK and Europe.

A word of warning about the K Steel models; You will always be able to find the older model Sam K Steel American pool tables available on the second hand market. The photos will look fantastic in the listings as they will be of brand new tables, delivered and installed to private customers homes. The majority of the time they will not be photos of the actual table you are buying or bidding on.

The only time a commercial premises will want to get rid of their existing K Steel tables is when they are completely battered and bruised and in excess of 10 years old. The cabinet will be shabby and the cushion rubber will have hardened and need replacing which is an expensive job. If your cushions have no response or bounce, you have no game so please take this into consideration when doing your research.

American pool has grown dramatically over the past 5 years and that more and more customers drawn to these tables and this game. We believe this is due to many pool halls up and down the county moving out the unpopular snooker tables in favour of the more fashionable 9-ball tables.

We are finding home customers, particularly those who play for fun enjoy playing on American pool tables. The pockets are more forgiving, the game its a lot faster which means you get more frames in a shorter space of time.

The Sam K Steel has steadily increased in it’s popularity over the years with our home customers who are specifically looking for a commercial grade table, that plays phenomenally, with a contemporary look to be the centerpiece of their dedicated games room.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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