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Posted by Michelle 23 NOVEMBER 2010
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So you have decided to install your own Pool Table from Home Leisure Direct? Don't be daunted. Simply follow our super easy step by step guide and you should have your table up and ready to play in no time.


1. Once your pool table is delivered make sure there are 2 strong people there to carry the table into the location it is to be installed. Make sure you are fully decided on the tables location before it arrives as once a table is installed it can be very difficult to move again unless you take it apart or have something called a pool table trolley. Make sure it's in a good location with plenty of space around the table that will not hinder the players shot.

2. Most English Pool Tables that are sold in the UK are 1 piece slate and the cushions and slate are pre-covered in the felt/cloth so there will be no need to do this when it arrives on delivery day. Make sure you check with the retailer if the table you are purchasing is a single slate or a pieced slate. A single slate is better for the home as it does not require the specialist installation that a sectional slate table would.

3. The table will come in three main parts being; The Legs, The Body or Carcass and the Slate. What you need to do first is attach the legs with the bolts provided. Turn the body on it's side and bolt the legs on. There will be brackets under the table for you to secure the legs to. Make sure the bolts are on tight on all four corners before flipping the table back onto it's legs.

4. Your next step will be to place the slate onto the brackets inside the table. Be sure you have clean and grease free hands when doing this and be very careful not to mark, tear or blemish the cloth in any way.

5. Now you will need to attach the top frame. The top frame will be separate from the table and is attached by small hooks around it's perimeter. You will need 2 people to guide the top frame into the hooks taking great care not to bash or knock it. Once attached there will be 2 small guide ropes to attach the table to the top frame so secure these in place then close the top frame down onto the table.

6. Once the slate is placed in securely and the top frame closed you will need to secure the top frame in place by reaching under the table through the holes located around the perimeter and locking it into place using the clasps. Be sure to lock down each clasp securely and be careful not to catch your hand or fingers.

7. Your table will now be put together and you can start to work out the level of the table and beginning the levelling process.


Should you get stuck or need any assistance one of our team will happily assist you with your new pool table over the phone on 0800 622 6464.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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