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Posted by Abi 17 DECEMBER 2013
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We are pleased to be able to offer coaching sessions and exhibition appearances with 3 x World Pool Champion, Gareth Potts. These sessions are a great opportunity to get coaching from the very best and are a great idea for a gift!

These packages offer a one-to-one coaching session for a full day, or half a day, covering a wide range of skills from basics like cue grip and stance, to the psychology of the game. So whether you are looking to brush up on your skills to impress your mates, or are looking to take pool more seriously, these coaching sessions will teach you the skills you need to know to play like a pro.


Gareth Potts is a world class pool player, excelling in English pool and recently branching out into Chinese 8 Ball. He has been the World Blackball Champion three times and has consistently been among the top pool players in the world.

Gareth Potts' Achievements:

  • Junior World 8 Ball Champion - 2000
  • World 8 Ball Champion - 2005
  • World 8 Ball Champion - 2007
  • World 8 Ball Champion - 2008
  • IPA Tour Ranked No.1 - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Chinese 8 Ball Masters Champion - 2013

A full day coaching session with Gareth will cover the following:

  • Stance
  • Cue action
  • Grip and bridge hand
  • The break
  • All aspects of cue ball control including:
    - Top spin
    - Screw back
    - Side spin
    - Natural angles
  • How to play doubles
  • The secret to never missing a plant
  • Getting out of snookers
  • The patterns (the way to take the finishes in the best order and selecting the best set of balls)
  • Using the rules to your advantage
  • Routines for you to take away and practice on your own
  • Any aspects of your game that you feel needs improvement then we will spend more time on this particular area.
  • A detailed insight to the psychology behind the game. Your mental approach to matches, how to deal with the pressure of playing a match and the key to having a good temperament.
  • A signed cue
  • Lunch
  • Play a match (best of 13 frames) against Gareth, putting into practice everything they have learned throughout the day
  • Play a match (best of 5) against Gareth on his new Chinese 8 ball table (if you opt to have your coaching at Gareth's club in Newcastle Under Lyme)

Please see the half day coaching listing for topics covered in the shorter session we offer.

Gareth Potts Coaching - Exhibitions and Corporate Events - Gareth will also be available for company conferences, exhibitions, presentations and guest appearances.

Check out the Gareth Potts Pool School we recently held in our showroom:

Visit our TV Channel to watch more of our Gareth Potts Pool Coaching videos.

Take a look at our Pool Coaching with Gareth Potts page for more information, or contact us directly if you have any questions.

Written By: Abi Ponton

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