Foosball In Film

Table football, a pastime enjoyed worldwide in bars, pool halls, gardens, games rooms and pretty much any corner of any room. So it isn’t really remarkable that the game has cropped up in various motion pictures over time.

German film Absolute Giganten, instantly became a cult favourite as it told the story of a group of friends bracing themselves for the departure of one of their number. The climax of the film comes from an epic foosball battle where there are some silky skills on show (and some powerful, powerful mullets). Have a look at the clip below.

The game has even been central to the plot of the 1981 film Longshot (we all remember that don’t we?!) where a spritely Leif Garrett combines competing for the $50,000 prize in the foosball national championship with serenading the aptly named female lead, Maxine Gripp. (there are clips on youtube both of the foosball skills and Leif breaking into song if you really want to find them)

A classic scene comes from legendary coming of age high school tale Dazed And Confused. The camera follows Mitch, Pink and Wooderson arriving at the Pool Emporium, strutting to the sounds of Bob Dylan’s ‘Hurricane’ they make their entrance and gather round the foosball table

For fans of a good old documentary, Foos - History of American Foosball offers up an insight into the emergence of the game in the USA and the passion of the players and promoters in today’s foosball community. You can find out more at the official website of the film.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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