Jukeboxes: How They Are Staying Relevant Today

Posted by Scott 09 JULY 2015

Having a jukebox in your game room is a no-brainer, as we’ve made clear in this article. But what about the rest of the populace who don’t have a game room like you? In a world of smartphones, unbounded internet access, and free music aplenty, have jukeboxes become irrelevant? Is it finally an obsolete relic of the past with no more use in today’s fast-paced, internet-based world?

TouchTunes doesn’t think so, and they have created the first “smart” jukebox to prove it.

Their Virtuo E-Jukebox no longer competes against the rise of the smartphone; instead, the innovative machine embraces smartphone technology and incorporates it into the timeless experience of listening to a jukebox.

How does it work? With an app, of course. Customers at a local bar or pub can access the Virtuo’s huge library of songs through their smart device at any time, and with a press of a button on their own phone, they can choose the music and mood for everyone in the room. This is, of course, the spirit of the jukebox—in a social setting like a pub, people enjoy one another’s company by sharing experiences, and that includes sharing music experiences. There is always an appreciation for that individual who can pick the perfect song for the crowd.

TouchTunes’ Virtuo takes that concept to a whole new (and modern) level. People can even choose songs from a distance—say, the parking lot—so that upon their arrival, their favorite song is in the middle of playing. That’s a great feeling of both control and jukebox spirit that anyone can appreciate.

virtuo jukebox at bar.jpg

But that’s not all. The E-jukebox can also help you search for songs by lyrics, create your own personalised playlists, take your group picture and print it out for you, as well as offer a karaoke experience. All of this at a price much more affordable for customers than the ever-inflating prices of regular jukebox experiences, which is especially needed in an era where music runs wild and free on the internet.  

Fortunately, there’s more than one company innovating the jukebox for the next generation of club and pub party-goers. Virtual Jukebox, the name of the company and their service, is based right here in the UK. They provide engaging background music for any locale that has signed up with them. 

Like TouchTune, Virtual Jukebox offers an enormous library of songs—boasting one of the largest music libraries in the world—that is accessible from any customer’s smart device. Virtual Jukebox provides millions of songs and promises to add thousands more every month.  

There is no software to download, and the hardware is minimal—just a small box aptly named the CUBE that hooks up to your sound system; hence, the “virtual” part in the name. Instead of having an interactive machine like the Virtuo, Virtual Jukebox runs its services through a simple PC browser interface, and customers connect to the emulated jukebox by scanning a QR code or sending a text message instead of having to download an app.

Hopefully, these two companies’ creations are just the beginning of the jukebox’s comeback. There will always be a need for music in social settings like bars and game rooms. It’s nice to know that the jukebox continues to offer that service in “smart” and relevant fashion. Now that you know about the Virtuo and Virtual Jukebox, you might just notice one the next time you go out for a few rounds with your mates. When you do, be sure to show some appreciation for this next step in the evolution of the jukebox.

Check out the video below of the Virtuo Jukebox in action:

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