Home Leisure Direct at Selfridges

We’re proud to partner with the Personal Shopping Team at Selfridges to offer our entire range of amazing products. Simply speak to your Selfridges personal shopper, if you use their service, regarding any items you are interested in. They will then liaise with us and progress your order.


We run a number of private shopping events during the year in a variety of locations in the UK, where you will find a selection of our products on display and our knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions you may have.
During Christmas 2015 we ran a concession in Selfridges Oxford Street, offering our full range of products to both store customers and through the personal shopping team. Our Selfridges London concession is currently closed due to extensive refurbishment work which is being carried out.

Montfort Lewis Stainless Steel Pool Table - Home Leisure Direct Concession in Selfridges, London
In these photos you can see the incredible products that were on display, including luxury pool tables and pool dining tables. The latest jukeboxes from Sound Leisure, featuring the classic retro look from the 40s and 50s, but brought up to date holding 80 CDs and fitted with Bluetooth to stream music from your PC, tablet or smart phone.
Home Leisure Direct in Selfridges London
One of our most impressive Selfridges display items was the Star Wars Battle Pod. This amazing arcade machine enables players to pilot some of the most iconic space craft in the Stars Wars movies, such as X-Wings, speeder bikes or even the Millennium Falcon, that fans of the license would have dreamt of flying since they were children. With your choice of many levels based on planets from the films, this immersive game with thrill players with its 180 degree screen and realistic controls. 
Star Wars Battle Pod at Selfridges
Another popular item in our Selfridges concession was the thrilling Game of Thrones pinball machine. Based on the popular HBO television series, players battle as one of the notorious families, fighting dragons and power struggles against the other noble families to gain control of the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. This exciting game was one of the most recent releases from leading pinball manufacturer Stern Inc., based in Chicago, USA, and has been one of our fastest selling machines to date.
Game of Thrones at Selfridges
Our stunning solid wood Sulpie Evolution football table is a handsome addition to any home and looked fantastic in white and silver on our Selfridges stand. Built by hand by specialist craftsmen in the South of France, this luxury football table comes with your choice of hand painted players and is irresistible to shoppers, who can’t turn down a quick game or two.
Home Leisure Direct - Selfridges Team playing Foosball