The 26 Point Pinball Service Checklist

If you've browsed through our Pinball pages before, you may have noticed that we mention that we recondition our games, but what does this mean exactly?

Buying a pinball machine can be a lot like buying a car. There could be problems underneath the bonnet that you wouldn't even know about until it interrupts your fun. Pinball machines are complicated in their workings, and there are pitfalls to buying a secondhand machine elsewhere. And if you don't know what to look for, you can have an incomplete machine running at 50% of its potential. Furthermore, in a worst case scenario, you could purchase an older machine that has a serious electrical fault.

However, every machine that comes through our doors undergoes an extensive 26-point check with our trained engineer. This service is exclusive to every pinball we sell at Home Leisure Direct. All pinballs undergo a full PAT test by a fully qualified engineer to eliminate any risk. We also check everything from the lighting, coils, flippers, full mechanics, electronics, and everything else in between. These checks ensure all components are rigorously tested and properly working. This even includes cosmetic touch-ups and a full wax clean. We complete this 26-point check to ensure that your new pinball machine is in tiptop working order and ready to spend a new life with a new owner.

Here's a perfect example of a fault that we found that needs repairing. This flipper is weak and will make play difficult. Faults like this are picked up on thorough play testing and are then logged and subsequently fixed.

Here are a few more examples of just some of the things that we fix. A play field light in here, for instance, a couple of bulbs have gone out underneath, meaning that not everything is lit properly. In cases like this, bulbs are always replaced, ensuring that every light on the play field shines.

Here's a cosmetic touch-up that we did. The siren light on top of this "Lethal Weapon 3" machine was damaged sometime during the machine's life, but we were able to upgrade it to increase its durability whilst retaining the original appeal.

This reconditioning and checking process isn't just for select pinball machines, but indeed for every vintage pinball game that we sell. Your new machine will come with its own certificate with the 26-point checklist completed. It will bear the signature of our engineer, certifying that it has passed our rigorous testing and is all set for use and enjoyment in your home.

We're so confident that you'll love your new purchase that if you decide to sell your pinball machine, we'll trade it back in for you or we'll buy it back off of you. Ask us for more details about this.

Finally, we have great after-sales service, and are with you every step of the way. You can buy your pinball machine from us here at Home Leisure Direct with complete peace of mind.

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