WHO Dunnit Pinball Machine

Check out WHO Dunnit by Bally, a rare and immersive pinball machine that puts the player in the role of a seasoned crime investigator, solving several murder cases.

Whodunnit is a thrilling murder mystery themed pinball machine by Bally, taking players right into the midst of a variety of different cases to solve. Designed by both Barry Oursler and Dwight Sullivan in 1995, WHodunnit is a throwback to the early days of American private eye investigators and crime drama.

The whodunit machine you see in this video is the actual whodunit machine available for sale on our website, so let’s take a closer look.

Whodunnit is quite a rare machine, with little over 2400 machines produced throughout its run, so we’re very pleased to have this one on display in such good working order. The cabinet colours are unfaded, and the game plays without any faults.

The player assumes the role of Detective Nick Spade: a rough-and-ready private eye who is tasked with solving several different murder cases. During each case, you’ll gather clues and interrogate suspects before choosing who you think the killer is. Guess the correct killer, and you’ll be lead to a dramatic confrontation as you try to chase the killer down to bring them to justice.

Whilst catching killers makes up some of the main game objectives, there’s plenty more to keep players interested, from taxi chase loops, a train ride ramp and even a roulette betting mini game.

Whodunnit brings with it some other very unique features that make the game very one-of-a-kind. Firstly is the ‘elevator’ shot in the centre of the playfield. Shooting the ball onto the elevator will cause it to loop upwards, before travelling down one of three different ramps, and changing the floor you’re currently investigating.

Secondly are the spinning full-sized slot machine reels in the centre of the playfield. At certain points throughout the game, you’ll spin the reels to claim a reward. What you match up on the three reels is what you’ll be rewarded with, from an instant multiball, additional clues or big points.

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