What Size Pool Table is Right for me?

When buying a pool table, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of different sizes that you can get. Do you go for 6 feet, or do you go big and go all the way up to 12 feet? This guide will give you all the information you need about the different table sizes, and what's good for what.


"Okay, so it's a really common question that customers ask us is, "What size pool table should I buy?" Well it's quite an open ended question and not one you can just give a simple answer to. The first thing we need to consider is how much space you got available, so get your measuring tape out, measure your room, and see how much room you've actually got to play with in terms of trying to fit the table in and being able to cue around the table.

The simplest thing to do is think that a 7-foot size table, and that's the most common size of table that we sell, will need a room with 16-feet by 13-feet of space. That allows you to fit in the table and a full size 57-inch cue, you'll be able to cue all the way around the table freely, and obviously take into account whether you'll be cueing over a sofa maybe or you've got openings where maybe you've got an archway going into the conservatory, that could give you a little more room. So allow for that when you're doing the measuring.

We have actually got another video which covers all the measuring detail in quite some depth, so maybe have a watch of that and that will help you work out how much space you've got and how much you'll actually need to use.

Okay so the next thing to think about is whether you like to have English or American pool, now we have a video that covers that in great deal of detail. So after you've watched this video, maybe go watch that and get some more information about making that choice, but if you know what you want, then that can dictate what size of table you should buy, and really if the amount of space you got is quite small, then probably an English table, 6-foot in size, is the thing to go for. So for a 6-foot table, using 48-inch cues, then you'll only need 13.5-feet by 11-foot in size, so if you've not got much space, then maybe a 6-foot English table is the one to choose. Obviously, if you've got more room than that and English pool is your game, then you can fit in a 7-foot table and happy days your way English pool is your choice.

If American pool is what you're looking for, then the smallest size of table is a 7-foot, as we've mentioned before, that's 16-foot by 13-foot. That's the amount of space you need to have. If you've got more room than that, then you can move up in size of table if you wish. So you can go up 7.2-foot, so we've got a few models that we do, we've got a New York here for example. We've got the Louis which we've looked at earlier on. Then those come in at 7.2, you can get 7 and a half, you can get 8-foot sizes, or up to 9-foot if you're going to go for a competition sized table. You can even get 10-foot, 11-foot, or 12-foot in American tables, some manufacturers do make those sizes if you wanted to go really large. But probably the 9-foot is the largest you go in American pool and that's the tournament grade size.

Okay, so in summary, first thing, work out how much space you've got. Measure up your room, see how much room there is you've got to put your table in. Second thing, work out if it's American or English pool you want to play, because that will dictate the size of table you will need to purchase. And lastly, really, if you want to get a tournament size table, if it's an English table you want to get, then you need to buy a 7-foot table, so we need to make sure we've got enough room to fit that in, and if you want to get an American table, then 9-foot is the official tournament size. Again, make sure you've got enough room to fit that table into your space you've got available.

So, if you've got bamboozled by this, and you want some more help, then on the website you can use our games room designer. That software on there is free for you to use, you can map out the size of your room and put the size of the pool table in there. You can even move it around and make sure it's going to fit into the space you've got available. On every single listing, its got the size of the table, so you can tell what the exterior measurements are, what the playfield measurements are, and there is even a "will it fit" clickable link, which is by the size on every single pool table listing. And even if after that, you're still confused, then by all means give us a call in the showroom here. Give us the size of the room you've got to play with, and we'll work out all the measurements for you and help you choose the right pool table."

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